The Handy S125HDUTY Easy Build Spreader

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The Handy S125HDUTY Easy Build Spreader

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'The Handy' hand propelled 57kg Heavy Duty Spreader

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With the Handy THS125HDUTY Broadcast Spreader you don’t just get excellent build-quality, you’ll also enjoy straightforward operation and a superb large-area productivity. It’s a highly versatile, twin-function machine which can be used during freezing weather to apply ice-melts to pathways, drives and other hard-surface areas so as to eliminate slip-hazard; or during the spring/summer period to broadcast fertiliser, pesticides and grass-seeds.


57kg (125lb) 60 Litre capacity

Spread width: 3.05-3.66m (10-12ft)

Adjustable feed control

Ideal for fertiliser, granules, grass seed etc.

Can be used with refined ice melting salt (Cannot be used with Rock Salt)

Poly Hopper

4 Point Easy Build

Metal Gear Drive

Complete with hopper screen and rain cover

Product Weight: 17.50kg

12 Month warranty

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