Handy MultiShifter

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Handy Multi Shifter

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The Multi-Shifter is an innovative all year round tool designed to help make light work of everyday outdoor clearance. Whether you are looking to clear garden cuttings or commercial waste, the Multi-Shifter has been ergonomically designed to make tasks faster, efficient and less strenuous.

Capable of handling tasks otherwise designated to brooms, spades, rakes, garden hoes, compactors and ice breakers, the Multi-shifter is a veritable tool-for-all-seasons which is ideal for the homeowner as well as commercial, agricultural & industrial organisations. Designed to glide effortlessly over surfaces, whether concrete paving, decking or grass, the large curved blade clears obstructions and debris such as leaves, rain water, cuttings, mulch, street rubbish, snow, pea gravel and sand. The anti-friction polypropylene blade and lengthy handle ensure optimum force transfer to allow large amounts of material to be moved at a truly impressive rate. When not shifting materials, it can also be used for breaking ice, removing weeds and moss, or tamping down top soil and gravel.

Lightweight and robust, with a long wooden handle, the Multi-Shifter is a well balanced tool which can be used comfortably and effectively without bending or stooping.

• Raking leaves

• Clearing snow

• Breaking ice

• Pathclearing

• Sweeping

• Shifting debris, rubbish and other materials

• Removing moss & weeds

• Tamping down top soil or gravel

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