Tom's Tips Health and Safety

General Tips

WARNING - Do not use tools unless you are fully competent. Tools such as chain saws can be lethal unless used correctly.

Before using tools or equipment always read the accompanying instructions fully. If you are unsure about how to use a particular tool or item of equipment, ask an expert to show you how to use them properly and safely.

Always use a circuit breaker when working with electricity or using things like lawnmowers and strimmers.

Check your clothing. Don't operate a chainsaw while wearing loose fitting clothing, jewellery, a scarf, cuffed pants or anything else that could become entangled in the saw. Tie back long hair.

Always wear proper protective equipment. This should include heavy-duty gloves with a good grip, sturdy shoes or boots with non-slip soles, head, eye and hearing protection, and leg protection such as chainsaw trousers.
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